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August 1, 2010 / zitterbewegung

Physics Tattoos

Been considering a tattoo of a famous equation in physics. Getting a tattoo is no trivial matter indeed. Many people with them will tell you it’s no big deal at all, but It would seem to me that putting a “permanent” image on your body is not a light decision.

In making this decision I have thought out criteria, as follows,

1) The type of tattoo – in this case a physics tattoo, specifically the derivation of the wave equation from Faraday’s law.

2) Where? – I would prefer the upper left arm where it can be covered by a shirt sleeve if necessary.

3) The tattoo should be about something in which you are very passionate or care deeply about, and not just on a superficial level (i.e. passing fad).

Well, I safely passed all three of these criteria with flying colors. First, I’m very passionate about the subject of electromagnetism, pound for pound it’s my favorite area of physics. 

This is a rough idea of the design I want,


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