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September 27, 2010 / zitterbewegung

Weak gun laws an excuse for gun crime?

I’m furious about what was just reported on our local ABC affiliate here in Charlotte, NC. The story was on the apparent increase in crimes involving weapons in the region. At the tail end of the story, the anchor said, “it’s believed that this increase in crime is a result of gun laws that are too weak.”

This is the DUMBEST THING I’ve ever heard! First, If I’m a person with a wrap sheet that commits crimes with handgun for instance, I’m not going to venture down to a dealer or shop, present my identification and submit to a background check. These people obtain weapons in back alleys and dark parking lots!

The damn media needs to stop the government sanctioned propaganda about gun laws and how many we don’t have! We have laws that work well enough if we as law abiding citizens must show a current form of picture identification and wait for our background to be run.

As a Civil Libertarian I felt compelled to post this. Well, back to townhall.


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