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October 8, 2010 / zitterbewegung

Response from a curious onlooker

I was sporting the colors today while doing my weekly shopping at Harris Teeter.

The “colors” refer to our t-shirts on unique approach to a unified field theory that utilizes the most successful physical theory on the books, Maxwell! This was covered in a prior post. Go here for a look-see and get your shirt,

Anyhow, I was asked by a rather attractive young lady what the meaning of the back of the shirt was, I told her it was a Lagrangian for a unified field theory. Completely expecting a typified casual response, I ventured onward, then suddenly was amazed by her reply…”you mean this would be like the equations of motions for putting gravity, electromagnetism, the weak and strong force into a single category?”

Following the complete stun effect I experienced, I replied with an assured, “yes indeed!” We conversed for a short time and I encouraged her to spread the word.


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